Presented by:

Betty Oliphant Theatre
National Ballet School of Canada
404 Jarvis Street

May 30 – 8:00pm

including post-show reception

CICF 416.932.2260

Sponsored by:
The Lindy Green Family Foundation
Green Fischer Family Trust

Celebration of Freedom

A triple bill of contemporary dance choreographed by Avinoam Silverman
Shedding Eve ; Anvil 18; In Between (new work commissioned for Spotlight 2018)

Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation is very proud to present this wonderful evening of contemporary dance featuring three works by Israeli dancer/choreographer Avinoam Silverman.

Shedding Eve is a solo work loosely based on the biblical character Eve, a prominent female archetype in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. This work examines our relationship to traditions and the tension inherent in the choices we make as we forge our own paths out of our histories. Just as a snake sheds its skin, we shed different aspects of ourselves as we continuously ask questions, learn and grow.

Anvil 18 presents a respectful critique of the ballet world. The title refers to the idea that ballet dancers are hammered, shaped and moulded both physically and psychologically by their experiences. It also looks at and gives expression to the range of feelings dancers experience such as frustration, joy, anger, sadness, helplessness, despair and excitement.

In Between is a new work commissioned for Spotlight 2018. Avinoam left his home in Israel at a fairly young age to come to the National Ballet of Canada and pursue his career. This work explores what happens to us when we leave our roots behind — what do we sacrifice, what do we gain? How does it shape our identity and who we become? How does living In Between two worlds affect us psychologically and emotionally?